Our Mission

      ViewMax Solutions LLC is a company founded primarily to preserve and protect our customers' eyesight while making it easier to maximize and enhance their vision and visual abilities through the use of their customary magnification loupes or prescriptive eyewear.

Our Market

There are 150,000 dentists in the US and 300,000 hygienists of which approximately 25% use lasers.  There are no other good, efficient, simple, inexpensive laser filters or safety eyewear in the marketplace.

The View Max Advantage

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We, at ViewMax Solutions, have developed a unique protective laser filtration system which has been designed to take into account facial size and morphology as well as the shapes and sizes of virtually all of the loupe and eyewear shapes. Ease-In-Shields'™ unprecedented and patented shape provides the ultimate in vision protection along with the benefits of incredibly fast and hygienic placement and removal without removing the loupe or eyewear from your face. Its polycarbonate construction is light and strong and less prone to fogging; and unlike other "filter inserts", our protective coverage is total and certified by Laser product Safety Laboratories. (Click for Certification links). Even customers with ill-fitting loupes (or no loupes at all) can have all the eye protection they need by using the enclosed headstrap option, which also allows for immediate placement and removal of the Ease-In-Shield™.

The headstrap option can also be effectively used to push the Ease-In-Shield™ up onto the forehead for extremely rapid and frequent intermittent use such as in the utilization of a curing light.